Global Opportunities

The SOLES Global Center supports and provides graduate students with global education opportunities. We believe students who study abroad gain unique insight and perspectives necessary to thrive as global citizens committed to positive change. Graduate students have the opportunity to engage with international communities, where they can collaborate with future teachers in post-colonial contexts, become immersed in experiential activities focused on critically responsive multicultural counseling, or see first hand how globalization influences nonprofit and educational leadership, policy, and practice. To further the Universities internationalization efforts, we also support SOLES faculty members as they research and design new international courses.

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CMFT Student Professional Development Award


Fall 2024 Courses

COUN 542i Addictions Counseling
Professor: Dr. Nedeljko Golubovic
Location: Seoul, South Korea

Intersession 2023 Courses

COUN 505i Human Development 
Professor: Dr. Saundra Tabet
Location: Dubai/Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Spring 2024 Courses

COUN 550i Couples and Sexuality
Professor: Dr. Kristopher Hall
Location: France
COUN 526i Group Counseling 
Professor: Dr. Saundra Tabet
Location: Netherlands 

Summer 2024 Courses

COUN 510i Career Development Across the Lifespan & COUN 515i Multicultural Counseling *SBCC/SC only
Professor: Dr. Catherine Griffith
Location: Jamaica 
MFT 532 Human Diversity-Family Therapy
Professor: Lily Vistica
Location: Amsterdam  

*Beginning January 1, 2020, SOLES students will be limited to a maximum of two courses for which a tuition reduction will be applied for courses taken as part of the SOLES Global Center programming. Students may enroll in additional study abroad course options, but will be billed according to regular tuition rates for their academic program.