Research Recruitment for SC & SBCC

Alicia Arce and Emily Berns are excited to announce a new group we are running in order to collaborate with counselors in training involving you all! The purpose of this group is to better understand our own counseling identity and how that relates to the upcoming generations. This is a voluntary group where we will be discussing leadership styles, values and biases, college/career paths for the new age student, and use these topics to impact change as counselors. This group is in conjunction with Alicia Arce and Emily Bern’s research study titled, “Impact of Peer Support Groups on Awareness of Values and Biases for Counselors in Training pertaining to Their Understanding of New Age Generations.”

They are looking for a diverse group of 16 participants, and we expect our groups to run about 50 minutes long and to meet 6 times throughout the Spring 2021 semester, totaling 5 hours. If you are interested in being a participant in our “Counselor Identity and New Age Counseling” group, please fill out this google form. In the google form, you will also give your consent for participating in this group which they will use if they choose you as a group member.

Also, in agreement with the CMFT department faculty, by being chosen and participating in this group, you will receive indirect “Professional Development” hours which will count towards your overall hours needed for our counseling program. By completing this group, you will acquire a total of 5 Professional Development hours. Our zoom meetings will be audio recorded.

Thank you for your time, and please don’t hesitate to reach out to Emily Berns ( or Alicia Arce ( with any questions, clarifications or concerns.

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