Picture of a sunset taken at Sunset Cliffs
A blog post from SOLES MA in Marital Family and Therapy Ambassador Meaghan Kalafut.
Becoming apart of the USD SOLES community has been a pivotal point academically, as well as, personally. What I would like to share is the exciting opportunities that I have this upcoming year. I will be a second year in the Marital and Family Therapy program. I begin my practicum in August and will be there a full year. I get to work with elementary-high school students at High Tech High. I am excited to work with not only the students but also to collaborate with the families and teachers. Another opportunity I am looking forward to is attending the Asia Pacific Rim Confederation Counsellors Conference put on by the Australian Counselling Association in Brisbane, Australia. This conference is a part of the Addictions Counseling course. In addition to the conference classmates and I will get to also visit with native Australians while visiting Brisbane and get to go to a koala sanctuary. This upcoming year will be busy and a time full of learning. I am thankful to be at USD. I am truly thankful for the faculty, administration and my classmates. Their is passion and undying commitment to building others up here at USD. I think that is what drew me to study here in the first place! Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out.
(Amongst the readings and school assignments it’s always nice to take time to spend time with friends at the beach. This is Sunset Cliffs a nice spot close to campus)
Photo of Sunset Cliffs

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