End of Year Reflections

A blog post from SOLES MA in Marital and Family Therapy, Ambassador, Allie King

During a recent class, one of my professors asked my cohort to reflect upon our time at USD. He provided us with a list of discussion questions including what changes we have noticed in ourselves and what makes us feel most proud. Lastly, he asked us what we would miss most about USD once we graduate in May.

My answer to the last question was easy: the people. The experience of learning how to be a family therapist is like no other and I could not imagine going through this program without the support of my cohort, professors, and supervisors. These past two years have been a time of growth and discovery for me, and it has been such a gift to share experiences with a group of people who are going through a similar process. I also feel so fortunate to have the mentorship of my professors and supervisors who are always open to answering questions and sharing wisdom from their wealth of experience.

While I will miss the frequent interactions I have with my cohort, professors, and supervisors, I know the connections I made at USD will carry on past graduation. I am excited and feel prepared for my next chapter thanks to the education and training I received at USD.  I cannot believe how lucky I am to be starting my career in this profession, and what makes it even more meaningful is knowing that I am starting my career alongside my fellow cohort members: people who I know will be lifelong friends and colleagues. I feel incredibly grateful to have spent the last two years at USD and know that USD will always have a very special place in my heart.

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