And so it begins!

A blog post from SOLES Temporary Admissions and Outreach Coordinator, Lena Vanda:
And so it begins…
There’s nothing like graduate school. Being immersed in a subject you genuinely have a passion for, surrounded by a close knit community of others with the same passion, reading… lots and lots of reading, squeezing every drop out of the 24 hrs allotted in each day. Learning the most you can, developing into the professional you want to be, all while trying to keep that balance thing going that helps us still feel like human beings in the process. I never thought I’d have to choose between a shower, dinner, and sleep. However throughout graduate school I became a wizard at problem solving through these delicate decisions.
Over two years out of this season I just described, I now have the privilege of watching over 150 prospective students from all over the world start the process. We watched over 150 students get excited over the coursework, and anticipated assistantships at our Annual SOLES Fall Prospective Student Open House. I overheard deep insightful questions asked of our faculty members who were gracious enough to promote their programs to the next generation. I saw individuals arrive early with their families, significant others, and friends anticipating the event, walking around campus and taking in the amazing scenery USD is known for. Individuals collected information to take home and soak in.
In the midst of it, it gets easy to take graduate school as a burden or inconvenience. And of course there are disappointments in the journey. Not everyone who applies will be accepted into our programs and for the ones who do there will always be goals strived for that aren’t achieved. And the reading. Lots and lots of reading.
However, This weekend I was reminded in the midst of all of that what an amazing privilege many are yearning for out of a passion for education. I am excited for the next class entering in Fall 2016 and wish them the best through the process.

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