Adventure Awaits at SOLES!

At many times, San Diego feels like paradise-lush palm trees, beautiful sandy beaches, and clear blue skies. What more could a Seattleite ask for? In early August, I packed my bags and embarked on an exciting adventure to pursue my Masters in Higher Education Leadership at USD and begin my graduate assistantship with SOLES Admissions & Outreach.


School of Leadership and Educational Sciences: Mother Rosalie Hall

Prior to relocating to San Diego, the thought of leaving an established life in Seattle was daunting. Yet something about SOLES felt right-even prior to my campus visit earlier this year in February. Maybe it was their personal, caring approach in our initial interactions, but I was sold. I actually confirmed prior to visiting the campus! Upon admission to the program, I was immediately met with the warmth and kindness of SOLES students, staff, and faculty. Based off my experiences so far, I firmly believe that I could not have made a better decision.Not only does this campus radiate physical beauty with its breathtaking Spanish architecture and phenomenal landscaping, but USD’s core values speaks volumes. The desire to provide a compassionate, diverse, and inclusive environment for students has deeply resonated with my personal values and I eagerly look forward what these next two years with SOLES will bring. I hope to carry that into my work following the completion of the program.

SOLES Networking

The possibilities at SOLES are endless! The First Lecture of the year & SOLES Networking Events

Reflecting on my time at USD, my transition to SOLES has brought forth tremendous growth opportunities. This past month in San Diego has proved to be a humbling, thrilling, and rewarding experience. Not only have I discovered a new found responsibility and independence, but I also have been challenged to incorporate leadership in the classroom, work force, and everyday life. From the task of learning a new job to learning about USD’s culture-I feel so incredibly blessed for this opportunity to pursue my goals as a Higher Education professional.

So cheers to new friendships, experiences, and perspectives!
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Some of my wonderful cohort from the MA in Higher Education Leadership program

La Jolla

Breathtaking Sunsets at La Jolla


Beautiful Coronado Island

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