Exploring San Diego

A blog post from SOLES Ambassador and MA in Counseling with specialization in School Counseling Michelle Nakamura:
This is my first blog and I pondered for a long time on what to write. I was definitely thinking it had to be more along the lines of study hard or this program is so awesome (which it is). However, I thought that many current and incoming students are not from the San Diego area. I myself am from Hawaii! So here are some of the great San Diego area activities that I’ve enjoyed and hope you’ll enjoy when you make your way here.
Potato Chip Rock Hike: Why wouldn’t you eat potato chips on the Potato Chip rock?! Yes it’s a bit grueling in that lovely sun but you should be taking advantage of this year round one season weather.
Michelle 1
San Diego Zoo & Wild Animal Park: It’s world famous! It’s something you need to experience once, just like Disneyland. The Wild Animal Park also just opened their new Tiger Trail during summer and it’s really nice!
Michelle 2
Michelle 3
Temecula: Okay, so not part of San Diego but only an hour north. It’s beautiful and they have great wineries! Makes for a perfect day trip to relax from all that grad school life. South Coast Winery is my go-to soley based on the beauty of their outdoor area.
Michelle 4
Extraordinary Desserts: The desserts here are almost too beautiful to eat, but this is a must! The menu is ever changing so don’t wait too long to decide!
Michelle 5
San Diego Comic Con: The MECCA of pop culture and comic conventions. I was lucky enough to be one of the 130,000+ attendees this past summer. It was ah-mazing. Don’t fret if you can’t get tickets, there are still tons of free events that happen outside of the convention center.
Michelle 6
This is just a small taste of what San Diego has to offer. You’ll do a lot more exploring on your own, with your cohort, and/or USD community. Even meeting new people from outside of SOLES is something to experience. I use Meetup to find groups with similar interests or have the same background as me. Great way to meet new friends, find new places to eat, attend free events, etc!

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