A quick look back on the semester

A blog post from SOLES Ambassador and MA in Higher Education Leadership, Corey Fereday:
This past semester in SOLES and at USD has definitely been the most rewarding out of the three semesters I have completed so far. It has been a great few months of learning theory, applying principles and synthesizing concepts into my work as a graduate assistant and as a citizen. Below are just two of the many things I am grateful for as I look back on this past semester.
Through extracurricular work, we have been able to help graduate students (most of them SOLES students) enjoy the beautiful hiking trails around San Diego through the USD Hiking League. This has been a great respite to work and studying. The League has offered me the chance to meet new graduate students and share my passions of fitness and nature with the graduate student community.
Through my coursework, I am proud of the change project that my group recently completed in Leadership and Organizational Change, a course taught by Dr. Nahavandhi. Our team laid out a plan for helping USD become a more sustainable campus through a mock training module that combined the topic of a certain group member’s Changemaker Challenge winning idea and John Kotter’s 8 steps for transforming an organization. Overall, this leadership course offered countless theories and models for recognizing, evaluating and adapting to organizational change, which I think is incredibly fascinating coming from a political science perspective.
I look forward to what the spring semester will bring in terms of learning and exploration outside of the classroom.

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