Came so far, yet so much the same

A blog post from SOLES Ambassador and MA in Leadership Studies, Elijah Bonde:
One year ago, I was in a much different place. I was one month into my first year as a MA in Leadership Studies student. I was taking LEAD 550: Leadership Theory and Practice and LEAD 589: Organizational Theory and Change. I was also in my first year as Assistant Principal at my school and very recently engaged.
The experience of having this many new beginnings was overwhelming. I had to work on finding a balance between work, grad school, and my personal life. I found a way. My classes challenged me more than I have ever been challenged. I grew significantly throughout the year.
This year, I find myself having gone full circle. I just finished my first month of my second year. I am taking LEAD 580: Consulting to Group, the TA class for LEAD 550. I moved up to Principal this year and got married over the summer.
I find it fascinating that after one year in the program, I am so much farther along in my learning and knowledge and yet I am back at a similar starting point. Life moves in cycles and I am starting my second loop of grad school, looking forward to and preparing for my first loop after I graduate.

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