Looking back

As graduation from the Higher Education Leadership M.A. program gets closer, I can’t help but to think about all of the great experiences I have had here at USD.  Taking classes while working on campus has been an invaluable experience that has enriched me scholastically, professionally, and personally.  I have met some truly inspiring people, attended events and conferences that have expanded my personal and professional growth, and increased my problem solving and critical thinking skills.  This program has improved my ability to understand the systemic, dynamic functioning of organizations and how to effectively adapt to challenges that arise in a variety of situations.  Perhaps the most useful tool I have learned is how to recognize both my strengths and areas that need improvement.  Studying the concept of authority and the various roles that people take up in relation to authority figures has been, and continues to be, a key part of my development as a leader.  The program has been challenging, rewarding, and definitely rigorous at the same time.  Part of navigating this experience successfully has been learning how to reduce anxiety, focus clearly on both the short term and long term goals, while finding order in the chaos.   I have compiled a smorgasbord of photos that I either took myself or downloaded from the internet over the past two years, photos that tell a bit about my journey into Higher Education Leadership and my life during my time at USD …

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