Sweet Dreams of a Costa Rican Summer

ED2In June 2012, we went to Costa Rica with 10 members of our cohort for the class, Career Counseling Across the Lifespan, which was taught by Dr. Ian Martin. What an adventure we had! Our group went white water rafting down the Rio Pacuare, which is one of the largest rivers in Costa Rica. For many, this was one of the highlights of our trip. We saw beautiful canyons, lush rainforests, and gorgeous waterfalls. Our guides were friendly and enjoyed playing tricks on us throughout the day. While in Costa Rica, we toured an eco-farm, went hiking to a local waterfall and rope swing, participated in a Spanish immersion class, enjoyed the beautiful beaches, and spent time exploring the town of Dominical, where we stayed for the majority of our trip. Our class met in a small office, which made for extremely close quarters, but allowed us to bond closer and reflect upon the different aspects of careers, especially those visible to us through the lens of a different country and culture. Our experience was unforgettable and I really feel that this trip provided us with amazing learning opportunities and memories. – Rachel L
Along with the class itself, our entire group of School Counseling students built relationships that went far beyond the traditional classroom. Connecting with our friends and colleagues in another country was an experience we will never forget. ED1One of my favorite moments was one of our first nights in Dominical. We were all exhausted and delirious from traveling by bus for almost 9 hours! We threw our suitcases in our rooms and immediately set out for the nearest margaritas. We discovered a little surf restaurant down the road. The entire group was soon well fed with tacos and chips. The excitement of finally being in this tropical and diverse country finally hit us. Everyone was sharing details of what they wanted to do, who they wanted to see, and what they wanted to learn. The possibilities seriously felt endless. That moment stood out to me the most. ED4A group of USD graduate students coming together over a educational and exciting adventure was just too meaningful to put into words. Eventually, we got caught in a downpour (as we soon learned happened practically every day in Costa Rica) and carelessly walked back soaking wet. Nobody cared. We were in paradise. Reflecting back on this trip has been the most beneficial part. As a practitioner and a USD student, this trip went far beyond my expectations of an educational experience and truly became a life time memory. I mean, not every graduate student can say they saw their professor sing karaoke in Costa Rica. ~Emily
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