Wrapping up Fall semester…

Wow, it’s already December, where has this semester gone?  It’s exciting that it is close to winter vacation, but that also means finals, papers, and presentations are due.  Time management has been key; I think I have finally learned how to balance working 20 hours per week, keeping up with all of my schoolwork, and maintaining a fulfilling social and recreational life.  I set up my schedule to where I usually don’t start my shifts in the Center for Health and Wellness Promotion until noon, leaving me ample time to either catch up on schoolwork or to exercise (usually both) each morning.  In my opinion, one perk to this program is that the courses are offered at night, leaving more flexibility in taking advantage of the prime daylight hours in sunny San Diego.
I took a little journey through USD the other day with my camera, and these are some of the images I captured:

Even when work or school seems overwhelming, I can take a walk through this beautiful campus and feel inspired.  The beauty of the architecture, the flow of the campus layout, and the pristinely manicured landscape…it all creates an aesthetically appealing experience.  Not to mention how amazing the food is in the Student Life Pavilion! There are many different stations, including Italian, Mexican, Asian, and American cuisines. There is a salad and fruit bar, a station that specializes in seafood, meat, and vegetables, and even a sushi station. I’m getting hungry just writing about it…time to eat lunch!
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