America's Finest City

I am still not quite sure how I ended up here, in America’s Finest City. My memory goes something like this: blah blah blah Graduate School, blah blah blah Beach, blah blah blah Ocean.  The next thing I knew I was moving 2,200 miles away from soul food, sticky summer nights, football and sweet tea.  In the 475 days since I left Atlanta, I have never regretted my decision.
When people ask, and they do ask, “What brings you to San Diego?” I always answer, “Oh graduate school…” and I politely smile. Yet that is only half the answer. I did come to pursue a doctoral degree, but I also came for the sunshine, the cool breezes, the proximity to salt water and ‘rain’ being a four-letter word.
I made a promise to myself that I would explore as much as I studied, that I would see Balboa Park, Gaslamp, the San Diego Zoo, Sea World, and Coronado. I did not want to commit to being in a city for four (maybe 5) years unless I was in love with that city.
So, last year San Diego and I dated. We had petty disagreements as any new couple has, SD thought it should be 50 degrees at night, and I cursed having to actually use my down comforter.  SD did not believe in summer showers or heat lightening storms, and I spent many days and nights in vain doing a rain-dance, waiting for something to wash away the day or wanting to fall asleep to the hypnotic sound of droplets on my window.  Now, though, we are in a good place. I can appreciate San Diego for all that it is, and I quit trying to make it anything I have ever known before.
When I am not in class, I make a date with my love just to reconnect.  Sometimes its Ocean Beach for the best sunsets in town. Sometimes its La Jolla for shopping and seal watching.  Other times its right here at USD on the west terrace throwing care to the wind and reassuring myself, this is why I came.

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