California Teaching Performance Assessment (CalTPA)

University of San Diego CalTPA credential areas*:

  • Multiple Subjects
  • Single Subject English
  • Single Subject Mathematics
  • Single Subject Science
  • Single Subject Social Science
  • Single Subject World Languages
  • Education Specialist (CalTPA requirement beginning in Fall 2022)

CalTPA Prep

General Education Student Teaching and Education Specialist Student Teaching will include a bi-weekly Seminar meeting time which will include CalTPA workshops and preparation. 

Free CalTPA Workshops

  • TBA

CalTPA Video Consent Forms


Performance assessment consisting of two instructional cycles:

  • Instructional Cycle 1: Learning About Students and Planning Instruction
  • Instructional Cycle 2: Assessment-Driven Instruction
Policies and Rules

*Translations are NOT required for the following:

  • concurrent Bilingual Authorization candidates who are in a placement where a language other than English is exclusively used for instruction, or who are in a placement where both English and another language are used for instruction
    NOTE: Analysis and reflection narratives must be primarily in English
  • candidates registered for the World Languages assessment
  • candidates using American Sign Language (ASL) in a classroom setting with students who are deaf or hard of hearing

For all other candidates who are not in a Bilingual Authorization placement, any evidence in a language other than English must be accompanied by a translation.