Scheduling Your Zoom Recordings to go Different Folders in Panopto

Purpose: The purpose of this document is to instruct you on how to change the location for your Zoom recordings.

Step 1: Sign into Zoom at and schedule your Zoom recordings.

Step 2: Sign into Panopto at and go to “User Settings” in the upper right-hand corner, under your name. 

Panopto Signin

Step 3: In Panopto, under User Settings, on the Info section, go to Zoom Recording Import Settings.

Panopto settings

The Default Folder is where your Zoom recordings will go by default. If you want a specific meeting or meetings to get imported to a different folder, click Add New and enter the meeting ID (no spaces) and specify what folder that recording should get imported to.

Panopto settings 2

You can then change the default folder for your Zoom recordings.

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