CoursEval Survey Tool

Student evaluation survey

The CoursEval portal is a secure web-based system for conducting end-of-course student feedback surveys to evaluate the effectiveness of courses and faculty. The purpose of CoursEval is to produce valid scores for measuring teaching effectiveness in a standard way across all course sections at the University. The scores can be applied to a continuous improvement model that shows individual instructor growth over time. CoursEval is one part of a comprehensive evaluation of faculty.

The MyCoursEval™ portal is accessible by students, instructors, and school administrators. Users will have the ability to take surveys, view reports, and have access to other features based on their relationship to courses and assignments to surveys.

You can log into your MyCoursEval site to take surveys if you are a student or view reports if you are faculty…

  1. Through the link on the Blackboard Landing Page
  2. As a link in a specific Blackboard course
  3. Though the USD Portal

CoursEval FAQs

How will the online course evaluation system protect student anonymity?

USD uses a third-party course evaluation vendor to provide an extra layer of security for the students. Student names are used only for delivery of the survey to ensure that each student receives a survey for each course in which they are enrolled. Once responses are submitted, they are collected and reported anonymously; individual identifiers (e.g., your name) are not associated with your responses. When faculty see the reports, they see only aggregate results. Faculty cannot determine the identity of a student who submitted an evaluation.

Can professors see my feedback before grades are submitted?

No. Feedback is only seen by professors and departments after grades are posted.

What browsers are supported by CoursEval?

CoursEval™ can be used with the following browsers for both PC and Mac:
•    Mozilla Firefox (this is our preferred browser)
•    Safari
•    Internet Explorer
•    Google Chrome
•    Netscape
•    Opera
While CoursEval™ may run in other browsers, it has only been tested on the browsers listed above.