Gibbon Paragraph [Hinek]

Technology has advanced us so far as a society that essentially, the crisis of being bored has become extinct. However, was this ever a real crisis to begin with? For little kids desperately waiting for a long car ride to be over, or someone waiting for their name to be called at the coffee shop, maybe it felt like a crisis. Although, what bad ever came out of being bored? In my opinion, it has only led to new ideas, new inventions, and a drive to stay motivated in order to avoid that feeling. With advancements in technology, nobody ever has to be bored. Little kids now remain hypnotized to their show paying no attention to the time, and someone waiting or their drink can scroll through instagram for the long five minutes it takes. Is it really a luxury to have access to entertainment this easily? Or are we missing out on so many potentially life changing thoughts or realizations that we could have experienced had we not pulled out our phones the second we had a moment of free time. I believe everybody should take some time every once in a while, to allow themselves to just be bored, and see what could happen.

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