Gibbon Paragraph [Garcia]

What do I do? Jane sat in the grass field slowly picking at the luscious green grass. She picked a new flower and repeated the process she had been doing for hours.

“He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not”, she repeated as she picked off the petals of the small white daisy.

He loves me not. She dropped the stem of the flower into the grass she was sitting on and it quickly disappeared. Jane thought, “maybe this is a sign that I shouldn’t tell him”. For months, Jane had been debating whether or not to tell Matthew that she had fallen deeply in love with him.

“Maybe it would be best that he doesn’t find out” said Jane.

After all, he is her best friend’s brother. However, she couldn’t ignore the flirtatious stares and the kiss they shared that still lingered on her lips. As she kept picking at the grass, she decided to pick one final flower — the one that would decide what she would do. One by one, petal by petal, Jane continued the process that she had done as a young girl with her grade school crushes. He loves me. It was decided. By the end of the week, Jane would confess her love to Matthew, a love that she had only dreamt of until this moment.

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