Gibbon Paragraph [Inouye]

Today, I counted thirty two school days left of my freshman college career. Thirty two days. I guess this goes without saying that time flies. I wonder as how it is that as we age, time is seemingly lost so easily. When we were young, everything moved in slow motion; five minutes felt like an hour and a day was nothing short of an eternity. I always thought that as kindergarteners we finished a school day at two o’clock, but has it only recently come to my attention that it actually ends at twelve o’clock. Why did time move so blissfully slow when we were young? Was it because we had no concept of time? We did not have the burdens to busy ourselves as we do now? We made it our duty to make sure very second was never wasted? Now, I find myself at a loss for words when I have realized two hours has passed and it’s time for lunch or that I have already nearly finished the first quarter of my college experience.

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