Gibbon Paragraph [Rivas]

My head is so full. I can hardly keep cohesive, deep thoughts about any one thing. Each thought comes with disregard for the previous and oblivion of the next. I am struggling with thinking, just thinking. I am currently unable to separate my thoughts from my immediate experiences. I want to separate my self from these things for just a moment, to clear my mind from what has been previously thought and make room for new thoughts. This is cliché. Even as I think, I self-correct and try desperately to make each word grand, trying to think of the best way to say articulate my thoughts. I have been ineloquent for three years. These thoughts and more that I could not articulate come with mental notes about grammar, word choice and ?. Even the attempt to self-release and observe. a flower or bug come with the anxiety of sentence structure and well-organized details. I wouldn’t call it anxiety I just haven’t thought of the right word. And there is, as of the moment, no end to these thoughts, unless I spend infinite hours observing and apart from my immediate experiences

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