Short Sentences

When my brother and I introduce ourselves to people I say my name is Peyton and they always ask if my brother’s name is Eli which he hates. (139 characters)
– Peyton Berger

Once my chemistry Professor lit a cigarette in class today and it smelt like a station casino. Felling at home. Miss you Las Vegas. (122 characters)
– Harrison Etherington.

Pro Tip: Do whatever you can to avoid Instagram on Valentine’s Day…you’ll thank me later! #singleawarenessday #ijustneedsomebodytolove (136 characters)
– Isabella Garcia

I told girl scouts I didn’t have cash on me and couldn’t buy their cookies and they said, “We take credit and Venmo” all in unison, I’ve never been more scared. (138 characters)
– Mary Hinek

never knew when people said they were broke in college they meant it, but here I am going to Starbucks everyday b/c my moms card is on it. (140 characters)
– Mary Humphreys

There is way too much rain for being Sun Diego, and the feeling of wet socks is the worst feeling since the last time my Nintendo last died. (140 characters)
– Jasmine Inouye

This vacation I would like to fly to Croatia in order to attend the UltraEurope music festival and also to go sailing in the Adriatic Sea. (140 characters)
– Parsa Kanani

Two-lane freeways suck when the car on the fast lane is driving at the same speed as the car on the right lane, and there’s no way to pass. (139 characters)
– Marie Karam

When you move to San Diego thinking it will be sunny and warm everyday, but it has been raining for the past week…low-key disappointed. (137 characters)
– Kate Morris

My roomates have been telling me so many conspiracy theories, and it’s come to a point where I feel like I can’t trust my history teachers. (139 chgaracters)
– Christine Partington

I’m not one to applaud the president right now, but I am not cool with having to go to school on President’s day. Where is my 3 day weekend. (140 characters)
– Brooke Raboutou

Squeak Squeak went the mouse, the wet shoes, the chair, the cupboards, the other mice, the bicycle brakes, car brakes, and the floorboards. (139 characters)
– Bryanna Rivas

I’m reminded that my biggest regret since coming to college is all the times I passed up on my mom’s home cooking when I walk into the SLP. (140 characters)
– Antonia Thomson

In southern California, when it rains you find out how dramatic people actually are- even when it’s barely sprinkling, no one leaves home. (139 characters)
– Emily Valian

Being from Southern California I was not prepared for this torrential downpour and am now wearing crocs through the puddles to get to class. (140 characters)
– Victoria Walz

The Cartesian Standpoint is based on the principle of sufficient reason, which when proven uncertain, Descartes’ meditations seem futile. (138 characters)
– Max Wetter

Some of you California people have never had to walk from your car to school in 13 degree weather and trust me, it really shows. (128 characters)
– Julia Wiley

I am on my bed, bored, looking around, and I see seven empty plastic water bottles. I should probably invest in a hydro flask, or something. (140 characters)
– Conner Worthington

It’s unusual to rain this much in San Diego, so when it does, I always seem to be unprepared, resulting to my drenched attire in class. (135 characters)
– Natalie Zachariou

I’m the Ernest Hemingway of 140 characters.
– Donald Trump (46 characters)

The season approaches, but don’t let it fool you; you will regret craving festivity if you buy peppermint mocha coffee creamer. (127 characters)

So I was at my brother’s 7th grade orientation today and the principal comes up to me and asks “Are you new?” SMH (117 characters)