Gibbon Paragraph [Wetter]

The Wave

There once was a wave who knew not what he was. Formed by a current far away, he was born as he rose from the surface of the sea. The Wave enjoyed his ascent, enthralled by the pleasures of the climb and the potential of his being. As he grew taller, though, he saw the multitude of waves that surrounded him, and was overcome by envy. He noticed the endless perfections and imperfections of the others, and saw in himself only a sad creation. The Wave wished for nothing more than to embody countless characteristics of other waves, but he knew not how to change who he was; and what was worse, he had so little time to figure it out, for the shore was approaching. Defeated and woeful, the wave wept for all of his flaw and the impermanence of his being, cursing his own existence. However, he then witnessed the still water beneath him, and he had a realization He understood that all waves are in substance is water, and, unlike the still liquid beneath him, he had the opportunity to rise and to fall. What a precious gift to be water manifested as a wave, experiencing the wonders that expression has to offer. As he realized this, the Wave crashed as loud as he could, and as the impending sands reduced hm to a ripple, he was filled with joy to be returning to his source.

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