First Draft[Hinek]

So much of who people are depends on the way they were raised. People who were raised in a loving, supportive environment typically grow up to be very open, positive people. However, those who were neglected, or abandoned at a young age, tend to have a hard time bottling up all the negative feelings they have had since they were born. It is true that everyone is unique and can live completely different lives from how they grew up, for example, someone growing up in a conservative family may end up being a strong liberal, or someone who was raised to in a hippy environment may turn into a businessman or woman. Even though there are exceptions, a lot of basic values and personality traits develop during childhood. If Frankenstein was raised properly and taught how to be a good, caring person, than he wouldn’t have acted out the way he did. Frankenstein did have real human emotions, yet he never learned healthy ways to express them. Had he not been neglected by his creator, and forced to fend for himself during his first few days alive, he would not have lashed out the way he did.

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