First Draft [Zachariou]

There is a considerable emphasis placed on the importance of a good upbringing for a child. Many people argue that a persons subsequent actions depend on how they were raised as a child. For instance, if a child was abandoned growing up, it is likely that they could ¬†develop certain psychological issues in their adolescents. The subject of a persons upbringing is continually portrayed in the novel¬†Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley. Victor Frankenstein neglects a creature which he created, due solely to its unpleasant appearance, while the “daemon” must survive by itself and deal with the constant abhor which he receives. The once harmless “daemon” soon becomes a violent monster while Frankenstein remains in his horrified manner. As the novel continues following the advancement of the monster and Frankenstein, it is clear that their subsequent actions are a consequence of the defects of their upbringing.

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