First Draft [Thomson]

Regret is a common feeling among all humans; one that is undesired and often reflected upon by the subject to see where things went wrong. Feelings of remorse can range from being about something as trivial as stealing a cookie out of the cookie jar to something as catastrophic as creating the atomic bomb, as J. Robert Oppenheimer did. Oppenheimer experienced feelings of unsureness as he was the creator behind a memorable scientific breakthrough, however one that would come to kill countless people. This same concept is prevalent in Mary Shelley’s, Frankenstein, which tells the tale of an ambitiously driven scientist creating life out of deceased body parts, only to later regret constructing such a “beast”. Victor suffers from anxiety, hallucinations, and severe illness due to his internal turmoil completely encapsulating all aspects of his life. Throughout the novel, reader’s experience the irrepressible stress Victor endures as he and his beastly creation debate regarding if Victor’s greatest mistake was constructing him in the first place, or abandoning him once the scientist succeeded.


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