Predictions [Partington]

I found the part where he discussed his predictions surrounding the advancements in photography to be very interesting. He said he thought that photographs would be able to be processed in much quicker time periods and without having to go through the process of soaking them in a dark room. I think it is interesting to compare this to today where we can take photos on our cell phones and cameras and see them instantly. He also talked about small cameras being able to be inserted into classes or at the bottom of people’s sleeves. This is also interesting to compare to todays world because I know this sort of small camera technology exists, and as a child my mom bought me a pair of “spy sunglasses” that had a small camera imbedded into them which I record on. He also described a system that he predicted in which you can speak to a mechanical device and it can process what you are saying. This sort of thing is very present in today’s world in things such as Siri and Alexa that can complete tasks for you when you speak to them. He also talked about about advancements in computation devices for the betterment of businesses. There have been a lot of advancements in this field such as calculators and excel that help with arithmetics. He also talked about the possible advancement of organization within regards to data. I think this is also very present today with the increased evolution of databases and database technology. He also discusses what seems to be the future creation of the internet when he describes a system where “if the user wishes to consult a certain book, he taps its code on the keyboard, and the title page of the book promptly appears before him, projecting onto one of his viewing positions” (Bush 15). This sort of search engine he describes is very common today and is highly popular in the internet. We have very easy access to lots of information through sites such as Google, and this was something that he predicted as well. He also talked about the possible creation of a stylus like device which is also commonly used in todays world for animation. He also talked about the possible development of comments and the ability to share opinions on particular items. Today you are able to comment on pretty much everything on the Internet, and it is a highly popular characteristic of technology that many people use.

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