Predictions [Morris]

In this article, Vannevar Bush incredibly predicts how the future of technology will work. He discusses the connection between technology and people and how they must come together. Technology has far greater capabilities than one simple human, so by combining the two, humans will be able to perform many more tasks. Bush also discusses the Memex which is a machine that can hold tons of information and data. But not only hold the information, the data would also be readily available to people everywhere. This would allow people to collect, create, and share data among one another. It is amazing how today this vision of technology has really come to life. Humans are connected, sharing, and accessing data every second of every day. I’m really impressed with this article and I think it shows what kind of a track society is on. We are constantly trying to improve and perfect ourselves while using technology. Even today many people have predictions about what technology will look like in the future and I’m sure they will be right.

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