Introduction [Inouye]

Hello everyone! My name is Jasmine and I am from San Rafael up in Northern California. I enrolled into this college to obtain one of my best chances at getting a valuable education and an enriching experience, but additionally for the amazing warm weather and cute sunsets. Currently, I am undeclared and trying to explore my passions and interests; however my life long participation in—and love for— athletics has steered me towards the sciences. A possibility is physical therapy or nutrition, where I would be able to help others, but it is also something that would be very useful for myself since I have sprained both of my ankles multiple times while playing the sport I love most, basketball. I have been playing since I was maybe eight years old. Along with basketball, I have tried softball, track, golf, soccer, and volleyball, but a sprained ankle is surprisingly the worst injury I’ve ever had. Even though I am not playing for the college team, I can’t wait to join intramural sports this semester. Besides sports, I have developed a love for the environment, after attending a four year environmental program throughout my high school career. An internship with the Golden State Parks allowed me to explore my community and offered quite a bit of community service over my summers. I hope to continue that here at USD. Studying abroad is another activity I want to be apart of while I am here as well. I have my eye on Spain where I would like to refine my Spanish and experience a new culture. 


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