Introduction [Humphreys]

Hi my name is Mary Humphreys, I am from Seattle, Washington and I actually enjoy the rain… sometimes. I hope to major in accounting, I took it as a class in high school and ever since then I have always thought I should do it as a carreer. have one sibling, his name is William and he is in the 7th grade. I have three favorite colors, blue, yellow and red. My favorite type of food is Italian however, my favorite food is wings. A fun fact about me is that in the 5th grade a broke both my wrists, it was really embarrassing but now looking back it is funny to talk about. In my free time I love to go shopping and to the beach. I am obsessed with sneakers, it is a problem but I am trying to control it. Junior year I really want to study abroad, I am thinking London because I have been there before and love it but I am not 100% sure yet. I am excited for the new year and new semester!

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