Introduction [Karam]

My name is Marie Karam and I’m a freshman here at USD. I’m majoring in Biology, on a pre-med path, so we will see if that will change or not. I was born and raised here in San Diego, California. I don’t think I can live anywhere else, the weather is too perfect, and I can’t handle the cold.

In my free time I’m always listening to music or having a dance party in my room. Some of my favorite places to be are the gym, at the beach around sunset, or hiking on some mountain. I hate being indoors unless I’m binging on some Netflix late at night right before I go to bed. Also, when I’m free I help my parents out at their business, where I graphic design menus, banners, flyers etc. for their customers. 

One main part of my life I guess I would have to say is that I’m Lebanese. My parents were both born in Lebanon so I have different traditions and culture. I speak Arabic, and a little bit of French. I adore Lebanese food so much that I work at a Lebanese restaurant where I can have free Lebanese food everyday. And I dance every year at a Lebanese festival, wearing those traditional costumes and coin belts while shimmying on stage. 

Lastly, one of my biggest goals in life is traveling. I love traveling and getting to see different cultures around the world, so I hope to get to see as much as the world as my bank account can handle.

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