Introduction [Garcia]

My name is Isabella Garcia and I am a freshman at USD. Although I was born and raised in Seattle, Washington, I have never been a fan of the rain or cold weather. When applying for college, over half of the schools I applied to were in California, which had always been my dream. When I received my acceptances, I ultimately decided on USD due to the future opportunities in the area as well as for the study abroad program in Madrid, however, I’m sure the thought of sunny San Diego may have swayed my choice just a little bit. Growing up, I was always unsure of what I wanted to be when I was older. Even though most kids always had a perfect vision of ‘I want to be a doctor!’ or ‘I want to be an athlete!’ I never even had a path that I envisioned for myself. At the start of high school, I originally considered studying Business because it is a degree that you can apply in a multitude of different fields. However, after taking a few classes in my first semester that peaked my interest, I am now considering a double major in Spanish and Political Science and becoming an immigration lawyer. I have always been enthusiastic about helping people, as well as being extremely passionate about the Spanish language, and immigration law was one field I found that combines both of these passions. Also, being from a family of Cuban and Italian immigrants, I personally have a deep respect for immigrants and want to help. One day, I hope to live in either Southern California or Miami to pursue immigration law, specifically for Spanish-speaking immigrants. Since both areas have a large Latino population, I believe that, if I decide to pursue immigration law, I have the capability to be successful in either place!

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