Introduction [Valian]

Hi my name is Emily Valian, I am Persian, Scottish, and Irish. I was born in Doylestown, Pennsylvania and lived there for about six years, but then moved to Dana Point in California. Living in everyday, sunny Dana Point was a drastic change from living through many snow storms in Pennsylvania. Due to one of my parents seeking a different career position, we moved to California, and I have lived in the state since then. Growing up, my parents highly prioritized traveling, so my younger sister and I were able to see cultures of many different countries, varying from places like Japan to Australia. Given this opportunity, traveling has easily become one of my favorite hobbies and every destination that I visit never ceases to amaze me. I enjoy the history and culture that each country entails. Being apart of many nationalities, it is really amazing to be able to travel to the places that my ancestors immigrated from and walk through the same towns that they once occupied. Since I have grown to love traveling, I have decided that I would like to travel as part of my job. My father, who works in pharmaceutical marketing, travels all around the world for business trips, which is exactly what I wish to have in my career. Hoping to be a business/marketing major, I want to have the opportunity to travel as part of my job and be able to explore the world while having a successful career. I plan to take the dual degree program in France for a year and maybe do a semester abroad later on.


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