Introduction [Worthington]

Hi I am Conner Worthington, and I am a freshman here at USD. I am from Marin County, across the golden gate bridge from San Francisco. I have a brother named James, he is a freshman in highschool at Sir Francis Drake High School. I have lived in Marin County my whole life. I love to play soccer and tennis with my family and friends. I like the outdoors a lot, especially the beach, a reason for coming to USD, I also love the mountains as I snowboard and ski in Tahoe a good amount. I really like it here at USD, I am undeclared but am leaning towards majoring in economics or business. Some of my favorite things to do here at USD are going to the beach, going downtown on weekends, exercising at the sport facilities, and relaxing alone on campus. I love sports, I am a huge Oakland Raider fan, I also am a true Golden State Warrior fan. I also love to watch tennis as I have been to the US Open and French Open. I tend to watch only two shows constantly on Netflix, Friends and Trailer Park Boys, I will lose hours of my day to these shows. I am a big eater, Italian food being my favorite, I also love tacos which is great because San Diego has tons of great places, Roberto’s being my favorite mexican restaurant here. I like to tell myself I surf even though I am not the greatest, the cold waters and sharky beaches up in Northern California are not near as nice as beaches down here. I am excited for this semester at USD, yet also wanting summer to come soon and spend time at home with old friends and family.


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