Frankenstein Feedback [Amoura]

Overall this paper was very well written. I really liked how it was structured out with each topic being its own paragraph. However, I found that it lacked many connection to the theme of the class or technology in general. The mentioning of Robert Oppenheimer was a good touch but I would suggest you connect his same ideas as you did to more than just that paragraph and the conclusion. It may be even beneficial if you move the paragraph before it so you can incorporate more about technology in the earlier paragraphs. This can help you tie it in with the idea that Victor could of prevented all those murders and such if he learned to control his “Monster” instead of outcasting him like the rest of society. Also, In your intro i would be hesitant to call the monster a ideal figure considering how many people in society and the village he was watching despised him so much because of his being. I really liked how you introduced every quote. I felt like they where very appropriate and concise without any run-ons. The main way to expand the paper is to have a deeper connection to how frankenstein represents our technological issues we face today. In your conclusion, you may want to reconsider directly rewriting the thesis but rewording it. The last sentence you can say what type of catastrophe and who would be to blame. Overall though, This was a great paper and i enjoyed reading it.


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