Prospectus [Amoura]

I would like my paper to be focused on the making of the atomic bomb and its technologies. I want to emphasize on the negative consequences of creating such a weapon had on the world and the many negative affects it led to. One of these affects that is very evident, is its use during the end of World War 2 on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I would also like to mention the technological arms race it sprung up and its negatives that came along with it. An example of this is the Cold War with Russia and the tension the atomic bomb had created. I want to include the massive power struggle that occurred between the United States and Eastern European countries over who can develop the next deadliest weapon. I would also like to explain the consequences of this on the generation as a whole because like how today high schoolers are worried about being massacred, whole cities where afraid of being obliterated by a atomic bomb. I want to include the creation of Mutually assured destruction as a way to wrap up that era and the paper.

The sources I might use:

Dark sun : the making of the hydrogen bomb by Richard Rodes, Making the atomic bomb by Richard Rodes, Why things bite back : technology and the revenge of unintended consequences by Edward TennerĀ 

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