Prospectus [McCormick]

Technology is something that constantly evolves as time goes on. It provides many useful tools to our everyday lives, but it also has the potential of producing unwanted consequences. For our research paper I intend to relate technology to its effects on intelligence. Does Google make us smarter or dumber? Are people advancing at the same rate as technology, or are we using it as a clutch?

In one perspective we can analyze the fact that technology has advanced immensely in such a short period of time. This means that people have to become increasingly more brilliant in order to produce such creations. On the other hand we can analyze the public. They become reliant on these technologies and don’t see a point in educating themselves if the internet can provide them with any knowledge they need.

So, what happens when we reach a point where all of the population feels like it is pointless to be educated? Do robots take over the world? Does the technology we have created become more powerful than we are? These are all questions we don’t have answers to yet. If we do not start to take action, we may not like the direction our future is headed.

For my sources I will include the work by Nicholas Carr, The Shallows. This taps into the anxiousness that technology is causing in today’s world. Another source would be the article “Is Google Making us Stupid?” in order to provide a quick insight as to the immediate concern of technology relating to our intelligence.

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