Suggestions [Larson]

The activities I liked was the Gibbons paragraph, the Frankenstein essay, and the research paper. I also enjoyed the discontents of the day. In general all the activities were fine, but the logistics behind them and the preparation seemed a bit unorganized. For example, I know myself and others were confused on how to write a research paper, and what you really wanted us to accomplish. I had never written a research paper like this before so until being able to talk 1v1 I was confused. Also the timing of rough drafts was tough sometimes. Having a rough draft for a 1500 word essay from Tuesday to Thursday was very difficult, and I think most of those rough drafts should be assigned on Thursday and we should have the weekend to work on them. I enjoyed the peer reviewing a lot, but once we met with our group for a paper and then revised what they had to say, it seemed that going back to the same group didn’t help as much as meeting with different people perhaps. Zotero was also a great tool I was introduced to.

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