Suggestions [Macias]

I think the amount of work load that was given to us (homework, readings, and essays) were all very reasonable and doable. I think you should continue Sentence of the Day and Discontent of the Day. Another thing that I think should be kept the same is the class time we were given to work on essays; however, sometimes I felt that being able to work on it aloneĀ  and asking you if we have questions are better than getting in groups because it can almost be seen as a waste of time. Also with getting in groups, I’d notice some people don’t like other people reading their papers and would rather keep to themselves. For me it was always more beneficial for one on ones than in a group setting for editing essays. One thing that did confuse me was the format for essays in this class. We were told to not indent on paragraphs; however I was marked down in another one of my classes because I was using the same format. In other classes that require writing essays, we are instructed to use indents in the beginning of our essays.

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