Frankienstien Short Thoughts [Osmond]

In the novel, Frankenstein Mary Shelley conveys that technology should be closely monitored otherwise, left unsupervised, it will spiral out of control. The creature in Frankenstein wants to be accepted by others as seen when he tries to make friends with the villagers. However, due to his inability to be loved, he goes on a rampage and torments Victor’s life. Had Victor had a tighter control on the creature rather than literally “running away from his problems” his situation could have been different. Similarly to today, we are on the age on creating technology that could eliminate humanity. Even in the last century, we were close to pushing to humanity to the edge with the Cold War with the advancement of nuclear weapons. The question might not even be “if humans make themselves extinct,” but rather “when will humans make themselves extinct.” With the rise of nanotechnology and Artifical Intelligence, humans must be mindful of how technology may spiral out of hand, or we will be in a similar situation as in Frankenstein.

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