Frankenstein Short Thoughts [Flores]

Mary Shelly originally wrote Frankenstein in 1818, however it still manages to be relevant to us today in the 21st century. One of the key issues brought up by the book is the creature’s intelligence. It acts remarkably similar to modern AI. At first it knows nothing of the world around it, but it rapidly learns and becomes rather intelligent. Much like how we are developing AI with the ability to self-learn. We need to exercise caution regarding AI that manages to supersede the intellect of a human, as it might see humans as unnecessary and seek to eliminate us.

Another way the story connects with us today is Victor Frankenstein, and he represents the people who seek technological advancement at all costs. Victor was an educated man of science and sought to create a creature. However he did not stop to consider the possible connotations that creating such a creature would cause. He merely sought after his goal of creating of life and rushed headfirst into it. Similar to how modern-day scientists and developers rush forward and develop new technology and inventions without stopping to think about what they are doing. With DNA splicing becoming a reality it is important that we take careful consideration about what it could create, otherwise we could end up with Frankenstein’s monster.

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