Frankenstein Short Thoughts [Short]

While I was reading Frankenstein there were many parallels that can be made to the concerns of modern technology. I previously read two passage from Bill Joy and Richard Feynman which talked about technology and their discontents. I have been familiarized with the concerns. At first I did not notice it but as the book continued I started to see connections. For instance, when Victor created the monster and it later killed his younger brother. A connection can be made that with the creation of artificial intelligence it can also become possibly malignant. Another occurrence was when the monster wanted Frankenstein to make another monster so he is not lonely. This may seem harmless but this request parallels the idea of self-replication with nanotechnology. The theory of grey-goo, is one that has many fearful of nanotechnology. The idea that if nanotechnology has the free will to replicate they will, and wont stop replicating until everything is destroyed. Which is a similar thought that Victor has when he is making the monsters companion. I never would have thought Frankenstein which was written in the 1800’s would be relatable to problems so modern. Especially problems involving our newest advancements in technology. Maybe this is why Frankenstein is still relevant and read over a hundred years later.

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