Frankenstein Short Thoughts [Churness]

In the book Frankenstein, author Mary Shelley illustrates how Victor Frankenstein’s dream of being the master of something powerful leads him to creating “the creature”. Frankenstein wanted to be the master of something powerful, which backfires after “the creature” becomes dangerous and evil. This relates to modern technology and the problems that it brings to our society. There have been many new inventions like smart phones and artificial intelligence systems, like Alexa and Siri, that humans have become very dependent on. Smart phones have everything on them and humans use them for almost everything they do. Technology is becoming more and more advance and it is becoming a possibility that it could take over the human race. Artificial intelligence can already do things that humans can do, and as it keeps advancing, it will soon pass humans, making us useless. This mirrors Victor Frankenstein because we only see the immediate causes of our inventions and don’t look at the long term consequences. Victor didn’t think of the damage that his creation could do and once he realized his mistake, it was too late. This could happen in our lives as technology becomes stronger and stronger because someday it may be too strong to destroy.

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