Frankenstein Short Thoughts [Bose]

In the novel¬†Frankenstein Mary Shelley attempts to show the readers although technology may seem exciting at first, it can easily back fire. The monster in the story symbolizes technology. When technology was first invented, it was very simple. But over time it has become very complex. Likewise, when the monster was first born, he couldn’t read, write, or talk. However, as time passed the monster developed these skills and became more intelligent. This comparison shows that just like how the monster acquired new and complex characteristics to make him smarter, technology can do the same thing. Technology has developed into very intricate machines: there are an abundance of computers, smart phones, and now even human-like robots. In the story the monster slowly became very smart, probably smarter than most of the human characters in the story. In terms of technology the same can happen. If we continue to develop technology, then eventually it will out do everything that we do. This will cause everything in our lives to be run by technology. In the story, the monster manipulated, followed, and ruined Frankenstein’s life because Frankenstein was constantly haunted by the monster. Likewise with technology we are unable to get away from it. Everywhere we go we are reminded of it, causing us to no longer be in control of technology.

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