Discontent of the Day [Alvarado]

“Technology explores life after death”

by Billy Cox of the Sarasota Herald-Tribune


Where is the line society should draw between what technology should and should not be used for? It may be quite troublesome for people that we are now using technology in nearly every part of our earthly lives, but now a new technology called SoulPhone is being used to explore a new frontier, the afterlife. “Researchers want the SoulPhone to include four modes: a SoulSwitch that allows the user to pose yes/no answers to spirits on the other side; a keyboard for more precise communication; an audio application for verbal dialogue; and a video component for capturing literal images of those who’ve passed on.” Humans discussing the afterlife often come into conflict, but now technology is attempting to bridge our world with the great beyond. This is an interesting use of technology that seems to be going beyond what boundaries society has in place. Do we want the information this could bring?

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