Frankenstein Short Thoughts [Macias]

After reading Frankenstein I was able to connect what I ready from Bill Joy to the book. My personal opinion on technology is that I would not want it to advance to robots, artificial intelligence, and etc. I personally would not like that lifestyle. I would have to agree with Joy and I understand why he had all his thoughts about the robots. In Frankenstein some of the actions that are done by the monster are what are talked about being the frightening consequences. In Frankenstein the monster becomes very intelligent over time and soon is as smart as humans. Seeing the monster as a science experiment, shows a negative effect to this aspect. It gives every reason why we should not let technology be smarter than us humans. The scary part is that his temper is not controlled and Victor never imagined his creation to kill his brother. Also we have talked in class about technology always spying on you and knowing what you are looking for and that is shown in Frankenstein. It is very interesting to see that although this monster had no knowledge being born, that over time it is able to gain the same knowledge as us humans. In his case he always watched the family read to each other and that is how he picked up his knowledge. It is also a factor to question if these sort of robots/monsters can be trained. Victor tries to train him, but overall he cuts loose and runs away from him. Overall it is very scary to think that one day there could be artificial intelligence and robots in our world. After reading Frankenstein, I feel more against the idea of that happening and hope for it to not happen in the future.

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