Gibbon Sentence [Mumford]

It’s curious that people can be more than one person; like multiple personality disorder, but not the disorder. A thing that is made by life, but does not contain life, can take away life. Do you know somebody who has indirectly died by technology? It has such small mass, but it has such a strong pull on the brain. It gives power and authority never felt before, but based in insecurity, not confidence. We don’t consume it like smoke or sugar, but we also kinda do. But, like, whatever, we’re totally fine, and totally not addicted. lol. Is it just a painkiller to hide the tears and cracks we feel inside? People send their #thoughtsandprayers, but what about real human connection?  An encoded and perfectly crafted version of you made entirely of light and pixels is who you are. It becomes a shield, blocking the bullets of pain, suffering, and self loathing, and masking our darkest fear: vulnerability. Do you know which you, you are? Or does everything blend together when the fantasy and power becomes more likable than the reality. We don’t want them to know the real us, because what if they don’t like it? Or what if they do and we let them, and they hurt us? We are hurting ourselves and each other more this way, but the painkiller numbs it, so it goes unnoticed until it is too late. Is it better to speak or die? But it’s all #fakenews, right? We wouldn’t create something out of metal and plastic and give people easy access to it if it was killing us. Who would do that?

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