Gibbon Sentence [Macias]

During the past two weeks in college I have been reminded how lucky I am to call San Diego my home. For me I chose USD to stay as close to home as possible because I know that I get homesick very easily. I feel very fortunate to be attending my dream school, taking classes I enjoy being in, and meeting a diverse variety of people. Although I have met a lot of new people I feel it is a lot harder to meet people who are like you and that you consider your real friends. I have met more acquaintances than what I would call “friends”. College is very different in the case that when you go to class you enter, take your seat, listen to your professor, and then leave when class is over. Classes are not as interactive as they were in high school and they are not every day. For this reason, I feel that it is harder to find similar people to yourself. However; it is relieving to know that every one else is also going through the same situation as you. No one is alone.  I know that as time progresses and within the four years ahead of me that I will find life long friends.

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