Gibbon Sentence [Bose]

Tommy, a young boy in the sixth grade, was in his room playing on the playstation when his mom came barging through the door. Quickly, Tommy hid the remote control because he was supposed to be doing homework instead, but his mom saw anyhow. “Tommy, I know what you’re up to. And for that I am forcing you to come with me to run errands” said Tommy’s mom. Relentlessly, Tommy went with his mom. The first stop was the grocery store. There, Tommy did not look up from his phone once and ran into several display cases, an elderly woman, as well as lost his mom several times. Tommy’s mom was furious. In the car his mom yelled at him, but Tommy tuned her out and kept playing on his phone. Their next stop was the nursery. Once again, Tommy looked down at his phone and did not pay attention to where he was going. He accidentally entered the labyrinth, which next to it had a sign saying that those who do not follow the path correctly will experience bad karma. However, Tommy did not see this sign and walked straight in. Once he crossed the entire circle, he suddenly vanished. All that remained was his phone. Tommy was not able to say bye to his family or his friends. He became trapped in a universe so closed off that he couldn’t enjoy any of the simple things in life, like a the beauty of flowers, or his favorite foods. He left and could never return to reality.

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