Gibbon Sentence [Alvarado]

Technology is an exciting new frontier with seemingly endless benefits and few discontents. Modern technology has advanced our society exponentially over the past few decades. For example, transportation has become increasingly more efficient with new technology in everything from trains and planes to automobiles and even electric scooters. Humans now have the ability to travel anywhere with more convenience and better safety than ever before. Communication has also greatly benefited, allowing friends from across the world to keep in contact with one another.Though modern advancements in technology have made life far easier than before, there are a few problems with how society deals with it. The government now has the ability to track any potential targets they may have, but as seen with the Patriot Act, they also have the ability to track any person in the country, even the innocent. This is a major discontent, not necessarily because of technology, rather because of how people are choosing to use it. The Patriot Act endangered the freedom and privacy of every citizen. Another example is the FCC’s new policy ending net neutrality, which can cause great harm to small businesses as well as limits peoples access to the internet based on what they can afford. These government policies are hazardous to the natural advancement of society and technology.

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