Gibbon Sentence [Churness]

My first two weeks of school at USD have been better than I expected it to be. I have been living on campus since the beginning of August because of soccer, so I was already very familiar with the campus. I also became close with my teammates, so I wasn’t too worried if I didn’t make a lot of new friends when school started. But when everyone started to move in and classes began to start, I still met a lot of new people and made new friends. This was something very new to me because I stayed close with my friends throughout middle school and high school, and didn’t meet a lot of new people. I enjoy all of my classes and how we have more freedom compared to high school. All my professors seem passionate about the subject they are teaching, which excites me because I want to learn. I am very happy to be at USD and I am looking forward to the next few years here.

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